Connecticut Healthcare Partnership


dtc_ctlegislativeinitiative At the April DTC meeting, Harvey Bellin distributed and discussed this summary of a proposal from Susan Bysiewicz and Chris Donovan to establish a Connecticut Healthcare Partnership:



One Response to “Connecticut Healthcare Partnership”

  1. Bur Goode Says:

    I sent the following suggestion to Chris Donovan a couple of weeks ago:

    A “Small Employer” is defined to be a company with less than 50 workers, the majority of whom are “employed within this state”. Could the legislature work out a wording so that a small employer with less than 50 workers could enroll those employees working in Connecticut, even if the majority of its employees worked elsewhere?

    Companies have gone global. Even small companies have gone global. A small company could have 5 employees in Connecticut, 4 employees in California and 20 employees in India. Helping that company to reduce its health care insurance costs in Connecticut could allow the company to hire another employee in Connecticut instead of locating the job elsewhere.

    I am not asking out of personal interest. I personally have good health insurance.

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