Gov. Rell to veto HB-5536 — Healthcare Partnership Act


WTNH this morning reported that Governor Jodi Rell will veto HB-5536,  the Connecticut Healthcare Partnership Act.  The act would have allowed CT municipalities, non-profits and some small businesses to join the Healthcare Insurance Pool open to employees of the state of Connecticut.


One Response to “Gov. Rell to veto HB-5536 — Healthcare Partnership Act”

  1. bob gardner Says:

    Well, you got to bear in mind how Jodi answered the question about mistakes she made in office before running for a full term as governor. That was at the televised debate from New London. She furiously thumbed through her spiral notebook and couldn’t find the answer written down for her. So, she said “I don’t see it.” An that served as her answer. Which is almost as dumb as the way Bush handled the same question. He said if he had a few days to think about it, he might come up with something.

    With the veto, what Jodi did see were the contributions and clout of Anthem and the CT insurance bloc.

    Just like Bush, Jodi is doing a heckofa job.

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