Health Care Reform Recommendations

  • Replace for-profit with single-payer or non-profit insurers (long-term).
  • Eliminate managed-care companies. The insurance companies hire the care entities to save them money, yet interjecting this intermediate layer has led to additional costs and huge unnecessary profits for the managed care entities.
  • Medicare buy-in for 50- to 64-year-olds (short-term).
  • Aggregate self-employed and very small businesses into existing larger insurance pools to achieve affordable premiums.
  • Modify Medicare Part D (Prescription Drug Coverage) to allow quantity discounts of drug purchases
  • Fund FDA adequately and mandate annual inspections of all major U.S. food-processing plants and worldwide annual inspections of all pharmaceutical plants manufacturing drugs or ingredients for drugs sold in the United States.  Improve the FDA database of drug manufacturing plants.  Develop a source database system for all produce sold in the United States.
  • Create a nationwide food literacy initiative.  Emphasize prevention through nutrition awareness and encouragement of locally-grown healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

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