Example Health Care Systems

Sick Around the World
Five capitalist democracies and how they do it

— by T.R. Reid
PBS Frontline April 15, 2008
In Sick Around the World, FRONTLINE teams up with veteran Washington Post foreign correspondent T.R. Reid to find out how five other capitalist democracies — the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Taiwan and Switzerland — deliver health care, and what the United States might learn from their successes and their failures.


Voodoo Health Economics

Paul Krugman says “Elizabeth Edwards has cancer.  John McCain has had cancer in the past… Mrs. Edwards bluntly pointed out that neither one of them would be able to get insurance under Mr. McCain’s health care plan.” 






One Response to “Example Health Care Systems”

  1. Bur Says:

    Here is a cogent post advocating a single payer health care system:


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