Obama Healthcare Forum Participants’ Guide

The President-elect believes that every American should have high quality and affordable health care, and to reach this goal, we must modernize our health care system in order to:

  • Improve health care quality and cut costs;
  • Expand coverage and access; and
  • Increase the emphasis on primary care and prevention.

As we work to revamp our health care system, we need to hear from you. There is no problem that we cannot solve together—and it is out of our collective wisdom and experience that we will identify potential solutions to the many health care challenges that we face. We need to hear your ideas and your stories so that we can report them to the President-elect. What follows is brief background information to help you start a discussion and a set of key questions. Your answers to them will guide our collective effort to reform the U.S. health system.




One Response to “Obama Healthcare Forum Participants’ Guide”

  1. Anne Hunt Says:

    Having just gone through a devastating two year period with my father as he suffered through Alzheimer’s disease, the care of the elderly MUST be addressed ASAP. Because of the current HIPA laws, the family was not informed when he was suddenly whisked away from his rehabilitation unit to the hospital because temporary staff chose not to deal with him. Trying to find out what medications he was taking also proved to be a monumental task. He was continually poked, prodded and stuck with needles. Tests were preformed again and again. Wasted medical expenses. At one point, he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital where his dietary diabetes requirements were ignored. Consequently, his condition worsened. The thought of facing anything like what he faced makes me shudder. He had a living will which specified “do not resuscitate”. That was also repeatedly ignored. We treat our animals with much more humanity than we do our elderly and this has got to stop.

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