Your Health Insurance Experiences

You can use the comment/reply feature to share your health insurance experiences to be discussed and forwarded to the Obama-Biden Transition Team.


2 Responses to “Your Health Insurance Experiences”

  1. Bur Says:

    Anne Hunt Says:

    December 23, 2008 at 12:21 pm edit

    “Having just gone through a devastating two year period with my father as he suffered through Alzheimer’s disease, the care of the elderly MUST be addressed ASAP. Because of the current HIPA laws, the family was not informed when he was suddenly whisked away from his rehabilitation unit to the hospital because temporary staff chose not to deal with him. Trying to find out what medications he was taking also proved to be a monumental task. He was continually poked, prodded and stuck with needles. Tests were preformed again and again. Wasted medical expenses. At one point, he was transferred to a psychiatric hospital where his dietary diabetes requirements were ignored. Consequently, his condition worsened. The thought of facing anything like what he faced makes me shudder. He had a living will which specified “do not resuscitate”. That was also repeatedly ignored. We treat our animals with much more humanity than we do our elderly and this has got to stop.”

    Your father should have been treated with more dignity. How should the federal laws be changed to prevent this type of healthcare deficiency? More training for rehabilitation center workers, or a change in HIPA laws to require notification of next-of-kin in the case of Alzheimer’s patients? Think about how you would rewrite the existing laws.

  2. Bur Says:

    1. This example shows the need for digitized, networked medical records system.
    2. Apparently a living will is not enough. This gentleman could have reduced the strain on his daughter if, before he became ill, he had given his doctor a simple statement appointing his daughter (or other family member) as his health care agent and attorney-in-fact for health care decisions when he was not able to understand his health care treatment options.
    3. What is the public policy recommendation here? Should the Medicare Administration division of the Social Security Administration distribute information about the difference between a living will and an appointment of a health care agent and attorney-in-fact for health care decisions when the patient is mentally incapacitated?

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